Tor Jørgen van Eijk

About video.

video is an autonomous language with its unique set of parameters from where all video art originates:

i.e. video as a recording device of time instead of action- argues video arts tendencies to be slow, boring and without much happening.

Video as a conceptual device- neither praised nor ridiculed by the artist´s technical abilities or lack of such abilities.

Video as an extension of the body- argues the selfcontained narcissism within the medium.

Video after MTV- argues video arts coherence of an artistic idea unrestrained by a seductive and commercial demand for a visual representation of an audible medium.

Video after Big Brother- argues that with the last decade`s sudden omnipresence of reality shows, videoartists are obliged to present the idea of television with a significant rather than staged reality.

Video after YouTube- embracing YouTube and its counterparts for achieving the utopian idea of television, as a transmitter and receiver of language.

Tor Jørgen van Eijk. January 2008.