In playful seriousness we choose our reality.

The exhibition is initiated and curated by postmomart, a group of professional artists who are all mothers. We aim to take a close look at myths and juxtapose them with realities in the art world. The goal is to challenge the idea of a self-sacrificing artist who suffers for the sake of art. The backdrop for this is thoughts about double standards. Art practice can revolve around the ones that are close to the artist, and simultaneously the stereotype tells us to have as few ties as possible in order to achieve success in the art world. Can the unwritten rules of the game be stretched to house other stories?

The exhibition is located in Odda, Norway. It will take place from the 10th to the 13th of October 2012. It will run simultaneously with the Literature Symposium held in Odda every year.

Odds is: Jane Sverdrupsen, Ingeborg Annie Lindahl, Kristina D Aas, Daniela Ramos Arias