odds is a group of professional visual artists who create art, curate and organize projects relevant to contemporary issues and their context.

The members of Odds are Kristina Daukintyte Aas, Daniela Ramos Arias, Ingeborg Annie Lindahl and Jane Sverdrupsen. Through context related activity, Odds examine the cultural structures behind categorization, myth and perception of value within our community. The aim is to break down barriers between contemporary art and the public through artistic research projects, and experiment with the ability of art to influence society.

The exhibition “odds” is initiated and curated by the group, who all happen to be mothers. The project takes a close look at myths and juxtapose them with realities in the art world. The goal is to challenge the idea of a self-sacrificing artist who suffers for the sake of art. Art practice can revolve around the ones that are close to the artist, and simultaneously the stereotype tells us to have as few ties as possible in order to achieve success in the art world. Can the unwritten rules of this game be stretched to house other stories?

The exhibition is located in Odda, Norway. It will take place from the 10th to the 13th of October 2012. It will run simultaneously with the Literature Symposium held in Odda every year.

(This artist group was formerly named postmomart.)


About the members

Jane Sverdrupsen(born 1979, Karmøy, Norway) lives and works in Bergen, Norway. She completed her Master’s degree in Fine Art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) spring 2013, and completed a Bachelor’s degree in printmaking from the same institution in 2010. Sverdrupsen is leader and board member of Odds.

In addition to her artistic practice, Jane initiates and curates art projects both single-handedly and as a member of groups. In addition to Odds she has curated the exhibition project BETWEENtheFOUR in Bristol, UK (BETWEENtheFOUR.blogspot.no) and helped organize Ut i Min Hage – Nr. 19 in Harstad, Norway (utiminhage.com). Amongst her exhibitions over the last couple of years there are examples like the site-specific solo show “Tables & Cabinets …and other modern, biological remnants”at Realfagbygget UiB, Bergen, Norway (2013), “KryptoKap” at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart, Germany (2013), ”Indeterminate Form” at Trykk 17, Stavanger, Norway (2012) and “Frenzy”at NoPlace, Oslo, Norway (2012). Public art projects and commissions are a significant part of Sverdrupsen’s body of work, with commissions for BI Norwegian Business School (2011), Norwegian Gardener’s association (2010) and Bergen municipality (2009). Currently, Jane works part-time as a research assistant for KHiB’s international and multi-institutional artistic development project “Topographies of the Obsolete”. (topographies.khib.no)

Over the later years Jane Sverdrupsen’s artistic practice has mainly consisted of installations and mixed media sculpture where ready-mades and digital media are often to be found in her work. A portion of the artworks are site-specific or site-related. The core topic within Sverdrupsen’s artistic practice is the thought that scientific questions are cultural questions. Within this context, she has her main focus on the subject; both in the role as producer and as receiver of scientific information. This results in works where the presence of subjectivity contrasts the inherent authority of scientific methods and frameworks. It questions the potential influence subjectivity has on dissemination of scientific knowledge. This is done by interpreting artistically physical and theoretical material related to the natural sciences.

More information at janesverdrupsen.com