Daniela Ramos Arias


Together with Gisele Arias Molina

Title: Conversation 1. & 2.

I base my work in my own personal life experience. I am trying to figure out who I am and who I am becoming. As an immigrant living in Norway I have had a very interesting experience adapting to this new culture and society. I find myself becoming someone new every day. Not only have I moved to a new country but I also became a wife, and now a mother. All these new things mold the person I will be, and the routines and every day joys and struggles are what interest me most.

This is a small showcase of what I have been working on the past four years. I work with the day to day in a very spontaneous and “home-made” way. I enjoy equipment that most of the people have at home: a snapshot camera, a phone video recorder, a computer, etc.

Documentation photo: Migle Narbutaite.