Kristina Daukintyte Aas

Title: 77 Missing Peaces

In my work I wish to question how we experience and see our physical surroundings. We take our senses for granted. We trust them 100% and think that they can describe the world as it is. There lies a big restriction. We can experience only specific wavelength of light or specific frequencies of sound. I am fascinated about the perception: when you think you see one thing and then it appears to be quite different. The insecurity that emerges from it makes one humble and hopefully gives room for reflection.

In this installation that is called “77 empty spaces” I again question our understanding of reality. How different things appear from different angles of view. Sometimes the picture depends also on how you observe it physically, what devices do you use what you have been influenced of: media, public opinions, doctors, and your family…

It is also about fear of being parent. Both of not having control of her/his destiny but also to who she/he becomes as times goes. Can I influence my child’s path? Can I face a fear to miss her/him? And what about responsibility? If something goes really wrong, you are still parent. Is it possible to face a horror of your kid becoming something you never imagined before…

Documentation photo: Migle Narbutaite 

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